Moving Forward Together, Connectivity is The Key

Presented by: Victor Armstrong, MSW

Lessons learned from the COVID-19: The role of clinicians, policy makers, providers, advocates, and lived mental  experience in moving us forward. Connection and intersectionality are the keys

Presentation Summary:

The coronavirus pandemic, in conjunction with the civil unrest experienced throughout 2020, left an indelible impression on our country. This has impacted our mental wellness, both collectively and individually. In this keynote, Victor Armstrong will discuss lessons learned over the past several months, including the role of clinicians, policy makers, providers, advocates, and those with lived behavioral health experience in moving us forward. Victor will discuss connection and intersectionality as the keys to our collective healing, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Presentation Objectives:

As a result of attending this presentation, attendees will: 

  • Better understand the impact of trauma on communities. 
  • Better understand the role of connectivity in healing from traumatic experiences. 
  • Learn about the opportunities and challenges in shaping a connected system of care. 
  • Learn about the role of policy and funding in the aftermath of COVID-19