Preparing the Peer Support Workforce to Support People in Crisis


Cheryl Gagne

Cheryl Gagne, Sc.D.

Senior Associate

C4 Innovations


The workshop will focus on the essential skills and resources peer support providers need to be successfully employed in crisis care and prevention services.

The workshop will present emerging information gathered through interviews and focus groups about the most important competencies and organizational supports needed by peer support providers in crisis prevention and care services.

Participants will learn about the program models and environments where peer support workers are employed and how they may collaborate with clinical providers. We will discuss resources, including supervision, needed by peer support providers in crisis services.

Learning Objectives

Participants will describe the roles and responsibilities of peer support workers in a variety of crisis service environments

Participants will explain how peer support workers use their code of ethics to guide their work

Participants will understand the role and importance of supervision in crisis care services

Participants will describe the unique contributions of peer support in assisting a person experiencing crisis.