Lethal Means Safety and Suicide Prevention: New Approaches for Firearm Safe Storage Counseling

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In Vermont and other rural states, the majority of suicide deaths in recent years have involved firearms. Promoting lethal means safety is associated with reductions in deaths by suicide. In healthcare and behavioral health providers are well positioned to assess risk and provide counseling related to firearm safe storage. However, many providers do not receive adequate training on how to engage their clients/patients about safe storage of firearms.

Drs. Bell and Delaney will present an innovative approach they have developed for training providers on how to engage clients/patients on firearm safe storage practices, both for suicide prevention and as a broader approach to firearm injury prevention for children and families. Two training cases will be presented that model how to engage children, youth and caregivers about firearm safe storage. This workshop is appropriate for a wide range of behavioral health and health care clinicians, and individuals who want to learn more about approaches to promoting suicide and injury prevention relating to firearms.


Rebecca  Bell, MD, MPH

Rebecca Bell, MD, MPH

Dr. Bell is a Pediatric Critical Care physician at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Larner College of Medicine at UVM.
Tom	Delaney, PhD

Tom Delaney, PhD

Dr. Delaney is based in the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program in the UVM Larner College of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics.

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