Keynote Presentations

Bringing Resiliency Into Focus

In a series of snapshots, Dese’Rae L. Stage, an award-winning artist, mom, suicidologist, activist, and MSW student, will share her experiences with suicidal thoughts (and sometimes more) over the course of her lifetime.
July 1, 20201432 min read

Widening the Lens: Social Justice and Racial Equity in Suicide Prevention

In order to begin to address the disparity in efforts around suicide prevention, we need to widen our lens to include a perspective of social justice and racial equity.
July 1, 20203521 min read

Away from No way: Every Child Has a Story, Every Story Deserves Heroes

Hasan will share the simple strategies his personal champions employed to help him complete the “JD shuffle” and go from Hasan Davis Juvenile Delinquent to Hasan Davis Juris Doctor.
July 2, 20202251 min read

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Ted-Talk Style Presentations

A Veteran’s Perspective on Suicide Survival and Prevention

This Ted-style Talk covers Joe’s personal experiences as a United States Army Veteran of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and as a suicide attempt survivor.
July 2, 2020771 min read

Drowning while Flying High: When a Leader Struggles with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts.

Law Enforcement leaders deal with intense levels of stress which can and often do lead to depression and suicidal ideation.
July 5, 2020761 min read

Inverting the Cone of Silence

Independent. Minimalist. Self-sufficient. When we contemplate resilience, or the ability to adapt when facing adversity, we all have different perspectives on what qualities increase resilience.
July 21, 2020861 min read

Morning Workshops

Improving Resiliency for Older Adults at Risk for Suicide

Learn about the approach of care coordinators and wellness nurses who perform screenings, provide education and intervene as necessary with counseling, make referral to specialists, and assist in living well connecting their older adults with peers.
July 2, 20202081 min read

Community Collaborations for Zero Suicide: The Lamoille County Experience

A panel of collaborators share some of the stories, challenges and successes, and their vision for the future which is now shared.
July 2, 2020821 min read

Zero Suicide Pathway to Care: Addressing the Challenges of Systems Engagement

In this workshop, there will be a discussion on those practices and methodology and ways to overcome obstacles.
July 2, 2020971 min read

Integrating Suicide Focused Care in Primary & Specialty Care

In this workshop, presenters will describe a model for Integrated Behavioral Health & the application of Collaborative Assessment of Suicide (CAMS) in primary and specialty care practices.
July 2, 2020961 min read

Leveraging your Experience While Honoring the Sacred

Join Elaine as she examines experiences in the aftermath of suicide, to include perspectives of loss survivors and first responders.
July 2, 2020821 min read

Reframing Resiliency: Doing More And Asking Less Of The LGBTQIA+ Community

Leventry will provide personal stories from their own experiences while highlighting statistics from national and local surveys that confirm the LGBTQIA+ community suffers a disproportionately higher rate of self-harm, suicide ideation, and suicide compared to straight, cisgender peers.
July 21, 20201062 min read

Afternoon Workshops

Lethal Means Safety and Suicide Prevention: New Approaches for Firearm Safe Storage Counseling

Drs. Bell and Delaney will present an innovative approach they have developed for training providers on how to engage clients/patients on firearm safe storage practices, both for suicide prevention and as a broader approach to firearm injury prevention for children and families.
July 2, 2020901 min read

Care Transitions: Best Practices, Innovation, and Community-based Connections

Join us in examining practical examples of innovative strategies to build a ZERO GAP in care transitions for those with identified suicide risk.
July 2, 20201291 min read

Comprehensive Suicide Prevention in K-12 Schools

The workshop is designed to inform school mental health providers and educators on the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of CAMS and CALM with students in K-12 schools.
July 2, 20201491 min read

The Nature and Roles of Mental Health Peer Support

This workshop addresses the history, nature, and roles of peer support and what we have learned about its evidence and benefits, and how it can be applied to suicide prevention.
July 2, 2020981 min read

Strategies for Engaging Students in Success

In this workshop, Hasan will explore the foundation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the impact of non-cognitive engagement on student culture, behavior, and norms.
July 5, 20201351 min read

Telehealth & Suicide Prevention: Supporting Mental Health Clients Remotely

Engage with “telehealth guru” Reid Plimpton from the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC) as he shares Telehealth 101 for Mental Health Providers which provides an overview on subjects such as: how to choose a telehealth platform, equipment needs, HIPAA considerations, reimbursement, licensure, and an orientation to readily-available telehealth resources through the NETRC, and other national organizations.
July 21, 2020872 min read


2020 Speaker

Xusana Davis, Esq.

Xusana Davis works to identify and address systemic racial disparities and support the state’s efforts to expand & diversify Vermont’s...
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2020 Speaker

Chyrell Bellamy, Ph.D., MSW, Lived Expertise

Chyrell D. Bellamy is an Associate Professor of Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry, Program for Recovery and Community...
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2020 Speaker

Caitlin Miller

Caitlin is the Area Manager for the Windsor County Crisis Team for Health Care & Rehabilitation Services of Vermont.
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2020 Speaker

Auburn Watersong, BA, M.Div

For more than twenty-five years, Auburn Watersong has been a tenacious advocate for those struggling with the effects of trauma...
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2020 Speaker

Mary T. Mcquiggan, LICSW

Mary is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has focused her work on supporting adolescents and their families with navigating...
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2020 Speaker

Reid Plimpton, MPH

Reid is the Project Manager for the federally funded (HRSA/FORHP) Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC), a member of the National...
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2020 Speaker

Amber Leventry

Amber Leventry is a queer, nonbinary writer and advocate. They live in Vermont and have three kids, including twins and...
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2020 Speaker

Sarah Squirrell, MS, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Mental Health

Sarah Squirrell, Commissioner of Vermont Department of Mental Health, has over 20 years of experience in community mental health and...
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2020 Speaker

Alison Krompf, MA

Alison received her BA in Psychology from Colgate University, a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and is currently...
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2020 Speaker

Tracy Dolan, MS

Tracy Dolan, Vermont Deputy Health Commissioner, provides overall leadership for a range of public health programs in the department, and...
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2020 Speaker

Keith Clark, US Air Force Veteran

Keith Clark was a member of the U.S. Air Force before becoming a police officer in 1991. He was a...
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2020 Speaker

Peter Espenshade, MA, CRC

Peter Espenshade is proud of his long-term recovery and has been the president of Recovery Vermont and VAMHAR since 2013.
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2020 Speaker

Larry Davidson, Ph.D

Larry Davidson is a Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, where he founded and directs the Program...
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2020 Speaker

Kurt Michael, BA, MS, PhD

Dr. Kurt Michael is the Stanley R. Aeschleman Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Appalachian State University.
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2020 Speaker

Becky Stoll, LCSW

Becky Stoll serves as Vice President for Crisis and Disaster Management for Centerstone.
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2020 Speaker

Terresa Humphries-Wadsworth, Ph.D

Terresa Humphries-Wadsworth, a licensed psychologist and highly experienced public speaker, is an expert in mental health promotion, suicide prevention, postvention,...
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2020 Speaker

Rebecca Bell, MD, MPH

Dr. Bell is a Pediatric Critical Care physician at the University of Vermont Children's Hospital and an Associate Professor of...
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2020 Speaker

Elaine de Mello, LCSW

Elaine de Mello is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked in the mental health field since 1978 as...
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2020 Speaker

Jaskanwar Batra, MD, MHA

Jay Batra, MD, MHA is a board-certified psychiatrist currently serving as Vice-Chair of Clinical Operations at Stony Brook Medicine in...
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2020 Keynote Speaker

Hasan Davis, J.D.

For more than 25 years, Hasan has held to the belief that each child can and will succeed as long...
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