Pata Suyemoto, Ph.D.

Dr. Pata Suyemoto is a feminist scholar, writer, educator, diversity trainer, mental health activist, jewelry designer, and avid bicyclist. She earned her PhD. from the University of Pennsylvania and did her research on anti-racist education and issues of race and racism.

She is the co-chair for the Greater Boston Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition and the chair of the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention (MCSP) Alliance for Equity’s People of Color Caucus.

Dr. Suyemoto is one of the authors of Widening the Lens: Exploring the Role of Social Justice in Suicide Prevention – A Racial Equity Toolkit. She has spoken and written about her struggles with depression and is a co-founder of The Breaking Silences Project which is an artistic endeavor that educates about the high rates of depression and suicide among Asian American young women.

She is also a long-time volunteer for Asian Women for Health and is a trainer and wellness coach for the Achieving Whole Health program. Dr. Suyemoto is also member of a number of boards and committees including the MCSP’s Executive Committee, the planning committee for the annual Asian American Mental Health Forum, and the Department of Public Health’s Suicide Prevention Community Advisory Board. Her claim to fame is that she rode her bicycle across the country in the summer of 2012.

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Widening the Lens: Social Justice and Racial Equity in Suicide Prevention

Widening the Lens: Social Justice and Racial Equity in Suicide Prevention

In order to begin to address the disparity in efforts around suicide prevention, we need to widen our lens to include a perspective of social justice and racial equity.

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