Peggy Darling

Author Of Discover DBT — Create A Life Worth Living

Peggy has been privileged to work with children and their families for over 35 years. During retirement from her full-time role, she continues researching topics for which she is passionate. In 2022 she authored and published her first book, Discover DBT Create a Life Worth Living: Dialectical Behavior Therapy is the Proven 6-Month Solution to Escape Negativity.

After graduating from The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing in New York City, Peggy married and has lived in the Green Mountains of Vermont to raise her son and daughter and enjoy gardening, bicycling, and skiing. 

She advanced in her field of study—nursing, health, and education—while maintaining her full-time position. She now has three grandkids, one boy and two girls, all of whom she adores. After more than 50 years of marriage, she and her husband are making the most of life in Vermont. 

Peggy’s book introduces Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  Because she knows individuals in her own family, circle of friends, and community who are neurodivergent and struggling, she is driven by a fantastic desire to aid and educate those in need. Her current project is a second nonfiction book about dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which emphasizes suicide prevention.

Peggy has helped thousands of students, patients, and their families with varied psychological diagnoses found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM5. 

Peggy treasured and learned a lot from all of them. She is indeed qualified to care because, through her experiences, she gained a deep appreciation, wisdom, and enthusiasm for helping others and sharing what she has learned.

Nurse Darling hopes to enlighten people with valuable, practical, and exciting content. Her writing conveys a sentiment towards neurodiverse individuals as not having medical conditions but as people who have unique traits and perspectives.  A diagnosis does not mean someone is “crazy” or “unhinged.” Simply put, it signifies that something has meddled with one’s mental well-being.


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