Yvette Bonilla, LMSW

Owner and CEO
Suicide Care Consulting Services, LLC


Yvette Bonilla, LMSW, is the Owner and CEO of Suicide Care Consulting Services. She has seen firsthand the fateful effects of the revolving door effect and how it can rattle the lives of clients, the workflow and motivation of providers, the cost of labor for leaders, and the reputation of the hospital system.

Mrs. Bonilla is a thought leader in the suicide care space, a keynote speaker about post-crisis responses, an active contributor to the state of Connecticut Zero Suicide Learning Community, and an Advisory Board Member of her local region’s Community Crisis Response Team.

Mrs. Bonilla has extensive experience in the healthcare and social service sectors. She has worked in the micro and macro areas of administration, by forging partnerships with hospitals and local LMHAs developing niche-based care for populations with complex care needs, managing contracts for providers and vendors, and generating 8 figures in revenue for behavioral health initiatives via utilization review, writing and winning tens of thousands in grant proposals and developing top-tier curricula for local government projects, and more. Furthermore, Mrs. Bonilla has advocated for public policy reform alongside the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, having successfully pushed for national 988 legislation, funding, and implementation initiatives.

On top of 13 years of professional expertise, her prior lived experience with suicidal ideation and receipt of inpatient care in hospital systems has equipped her with insider knowledge about ensuring a safe experience for patient care transfer and building optimal infrastructures to support safe, evidence-based transition practices. Mrs. Bonilla is passionate about helping attempt survivors live long enough to get the help they need, and so hospitals can maintain financially sustainable models to keep this important work going for the long term.


Post-Crisis Response: Keeping the Revolving Door Effect in Check

Facilitator Yvette Bonilla, LMSW Owner and CEO Suicide Care Consulting Services, LLC Description This presentation will cover the problem areas of the revolving door effect and the importance of following up with suicidal persons after leaving an inpatient care system. Attendees will receive a brief overview of the problem description, and supporting statistics, and hear a case vignette that illustrates the problem at hand. Attendees will also be introduced to a framework that spells out how to ensure a smooth process for continuity of care that accomplishes several things: help people transition safely out of hospitals and back into their communities, increases client engagement with incoming community providers and ultimate care satisfaction with outgoing hospital providers, and lowers readmission rates. Learning Objectives Upon completion of this program, participants should be better able to: Best practices in follow-up care How to structure a basic follow-up aftercare plan How to ensure smooth continuity of care with receiving providers Documents Click here

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