Auburn Watersong, BA, M.Div

Auburn Watersong began her work in human services more than twenty-five years ago.

Since then, she has been a tenacious advocate for those struggling with the effects of trauma and toxic stress that result in part from systemic oppression, violence, abuse, and poverty.

Ms. Watersong is committed to the foundational belief in the dignity of every human being and the right of every person to live in safety and with a sense of well-being. Her work has included direct service crisis intervention for abused women and their children, anti-poverty and economic justice work, supervised visitation and child abuse prevention work, hospital chaplaincy, and legislative policy advocacy and development.

Ms. Watersong actively draws from her experiences in the field to develop statewide policies and create the systemic change necessary to prevent trauma and mitigate the effects of adversity and toxic stress.

In her role as the Director of Trauma Prevention and Resilience Development at Vermont’s Agency of Human Services, Ms. Watersong works with direct service providers, governmental leaders, policy makers, and community stakeholders to build resilient individuals, workplaces, and communities.

Ms. Watersong holds a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and a Master’s in Divinity/Feminist Theology. She is also an ordained Episcopal Priest and the proud mother of two resilient young adults.

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