Involvement 2023 Speaker

2023 Speaker

Nick Nichols

Nick Nichols, MSW, is the Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator at the Vermont Department of Health and oversees the work of a Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Grant funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Kevin J. Crowley

Dr. Crowley’s research to date has emphasized brief interventions for reducing shame and suicide risk, understanding suicide “drivers,” and considerations for optimizing the effectiveness of suicide-focused training.

Deborah Weidner

Dr. Weidner’s mission is to save lives through the aspirational goal of zero deaths by suicide and opiate overdose.

Marissa Sicley-Rogers

Marissa Sicley-Rogers, Psy.D, is the Coordinator of the Institute of Living’s Psychological Testing Service in Hartford, CT, where she supervises psychological assessment for pre-doctoral interns and postdoctoral fellows.

Matt Dove

Matt Dove is a dual-certified Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine (FNP-C) and Psychiatric Mental Health (PMHNP-BC).

Pete Cudney

Pete Cudney is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has focused his career on understanding child development, attachment, and the impacts of trauma.

Cris Rowan

Cris Rowan is a pediatric occupational therapist, biologist, international speaker, and author passionate about changing how children use technology.

Julie Ebin

Julie Ebin, EdM, leads projects on state- and community-level suicide prevention at Education Development Center, including their Community-Led Suicide Prevention project and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center project’s Recommendations for State Suicide Prevention Infrastructure.

Peggy Darling

Peggy has been privileged to work with children and their families for over 35 years. During retirement from her full-time role, she continues researching topics for which she is passionate. In 2022 she authored and published her first book, Discover DBT Create a Life Worth Living: Dialectical Behavior Therapy is the Proven 6-Month Solution to Escape Negativity.

Eileen Barendse

Eileen Barendse is a former educator, current Co-Lead of the Vermont Chapter of Moms Demand Action, and the State Lead for the BeSMART program.